About six years ago a dinner conversation turned to the topic of "hand crafted" products.  Tony had gone sunglass shopping a few days earlier and had come back empty handed. In his head was the memory of a vintage, hand crafted pair of Italian sunglasses from the 60's that had a certain weight, feeling, and style that he loved.  He'd lost the pair years before and said he'd been looking for a replacement ever since. Everyone at the table had a similar memory or reference... a classic bike frame with unique details. A favorite camera. It wasn't that any of these products was "perfect" - but what they had in common was a sense of purpose and a presence. They felt real. True.

So Jeff said, "We should try and make a sunglass frame that captures that feeling — a modern take on those classic aesthetics." None of us had any real experience with sunglass design at the time, but once the idea was put out there it grabbed hold. A few sketches turned into prototypes. The prototypes were refined again and again and our first few models took shape. To this day, each frame we develop is an attempt to capture that special quality and sense of purpose. The Sutro brand stands for our design process and the goal of creating products that ring true.